What is Designer Gel Base?

Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base is specially made to deliver each and every one of the LYCO-Complex’s 12 active ingredients to the skin for maximum benefits. It’s also water resistant, providing a long lasting wear.

What is LYCO-Complex?

Just like our body, our skin needs to breath, drink, and eat to thrive. That’s why Lycogel products feature the revolutionary LYCO-Complex, a carefully balanced set of 12 active ingredients that work together to deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to your skin.

Why is oxygen important to the skin?

Oxygen literally breathes life into your skin. Oxygen heals, that’s why it’s often used to help skin recover from burns and other wounds. Oxygen also beautifies the skin; it defies wrinkles and gives you a more vibrant complection.

Why is moisture important to the skin?

Moisture is your skin’s number one line of defense. Moisture helps protect your skin from everyday irritants like air-conditioning, pollution, and dry air that damages the skin.

Why are nutrients important to the skin?

Nutrients keep your skin alive and active. Nutrients provide energy, repair tissue, and regulate all natural processes in the skin regardless of your skin’s condition.

Does Lycogel contain sun protection (SPF)?

Yes. Lycogel products have the benefit of SPF 30 which offers both UVA and UVB protection. The Breathable Balm has a SPF protection of 15.

Is Lycogel water resistant?

Yes. Lycogel products lasts up to 90 minutes while swimming or working out.

What is my Lycogel moment?

Our products meet you where you are, at any moment you please. Lycogel has designed the perfect look for every moment, every lifestyle, and every skin condition while giving your skin the oxygen, moisture, and nutrients it needs. Whether you have sensitive skin or acne, want to even out your pigment, or just need everyday coverage, Lycogel has something for you.

I have very sensitive skin / problem skin condition. Can I still wear the Lycogel products?

Yes. All Lycogel products are hypoallergenic and suited for even the most sensitive skin conditions. They can even be applied to heavily irritated skin or after a skin treatment, surgery or burn wounds – and will support the healing of your skin.

Is Lycogel non-comedogenic?

Yes. All Lycogel products are oil-free and will not clog pores. How do I remove the products? Use a gentle cleanser. If you have applied multiple layers of Lycogel then a second cleansing may be necessary.

Can I swim or do a work out with Lycogel products?

Yes. Lycogel is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes.

Which Lycogel look is best for me?

Design your perfect look with Lycogel. If you prefer a look with buildable coverage with an elegant matte finish then Lycogel Breathable Camouflage would suit you perfectly. If you’re looking for light coverage that’ll give your skin a healthy vibrant glow you’ll want our Breathable Tint. If you want to energize your skin while skipping out on the coverage you’ll enjoy our Breathable Balm packed with the benefits of the LYCO-Complex. If you want to tackle blemishes and highlight your skin’s natural beauty then you’ll love our every day Lycogel Breathable Concealer.

How do I find my shade?

Select your shade by applying a chosen Lycogel product onto the jawline, making sure it matches the color of your neck, or let your specialist recommend you one. Wear a darker shade during summer months and a lighter shade during winter months – or blend together to make your perfect shade.

How many colours / shades are available?

Lycogel Breathable Camouflage is available in 12 different colours. Lycogel Breathable Tint is available in 4 shades. Lycogel Breathable Concealer is available in 3 colours.

Can I mix colors?

Yes. However the unique blend of colours used will match the majority of skin tones. If you are in between seasons for example you can easily mix 2 colours to create a perfectly natural coverage as your skin tans or gets lighter. Your Lycogel specialist can advise you further if necessary.

Can Lycogel cover very dry scaly areas of facial skin?

Lycogel will give you excellent coverage of dry and scaly areas as well as a soothing hydrating effect. However there is no make-up on the planet that can hide dryness. So depending on why the area is dry and scaly Lycogel can work in 2 ways. If your skin is dry and scaly but not as a result of a procedure, then you need to look at your skincare products and routine. This should be very quick to rectify and then your skin will be in a balanced and a beautiful condition, well hydrated without being oily and combined with your everyday Lycogel application, you should have a lifetime of good, normal and smooth looking skin.

If the area is dry and scaly due to a procedure which you have had done like laser or peels, then Lycogel will cover that but it will also speed up the removal of dry, flaky skin so that your skin can go back to smooth texture as soon as possible.

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