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If you are selective about what you use on your skin, then Lycogel is the perfect range for you. Give your skin what it needs and deserves.

About Us

The Lycogel Difference

Achieve healthy and beautiful skin with Lycogel. Don’t underestimate the powerful active ingredients in our Lyco-Complex and our Designer Gel Base technology.

Our Technology

Why is oxygen important to the skin?

Oxygen literally breathes life into your skin. Oxygen increases cellular respiration and metabolism while supporting collagen and elastin synthesis.

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What is LYCO-Complex?

Our skin needs oxygen, hydration and nutrients to remain in optimal condition. That is why all Lycogel products are formulated with our revolutionary LYCO-Complex. LYCO-Complex is the name we coined to represent the powerful combination of three ingredients of plant origin, that supplement the skin with oxygen, hydration and nutrition.

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What is Designer Gel Base?

The Designer Gel Base has been developed to behave as an oxygen permeable matrix which allows he skin to breathe from the moment it is applied onto the skin. Simultaneously the breathable matrix forms a strong bond with the skin. This creates an extended opportunity for the functional ingredients to be presented to the skin which results in optimal absorption, protection and the desired look throughout the day.

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Color match your
perfect skin tone

Color Matching

Lycogel provides the perfect color match for every skin type and tone. Our technologically advanced range of products enables you to achieve the exact level of coverage and finish you desire. Look and feel amazing with Lycogel!